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Microsoft Windows 2000 Server 25 Client C11-00019

Microsoft Windows 2000 Server 25 Client C11-00019
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Product Description

The network operating system for the next generation of PC computing

The successor to Windows NT Server V4.0, Microsoft Windows 2000 Server delivers new Internet services, plus increased reliability, ease of use, manageability, and support for the newest devices.

Internet-Enable Your Business:

Today's successful businesses are becoming more and more dependent on the Internet. Windows 2000 Server will enable organizations to readily pursue Internet-based solutions and opportunities. With comprehensive Web, security and communication technologies built-in, and the scalability and performance to handle the demands of Internet traffic, Windows 2000 Server delivers a unique, Internet-enabled platform on which to grow, adapt or transform your business.

Platform for building and running rich Web-based solutions

Internet scalability and performance

Securely extend to employees, partners and customers

Increase Reliability

Windows 2000 Server will enable you to minimize interruptions to end-users working on the network. With system architecture improvements for higher server uptime, fault tolerant and redundant systems for increased availability, and online configuration and maintenance capabilities, Windows 2000 Server delivers the confidence that your servers will be up and you will be open for business.

High System Uptime - less unplanned downtime

Increased server and network availability

Dynamic System Configuration - less planned downtime

Easier to Use and Manage

Windows 2000 Server will enable you to increase efficiencies and productivity across your organization. With improvements that make the system easier to deploy, manage and use, powerful centralized administration enabled by Active Directory, and standard based-approach to interoperability with your existing systems, Windows 2000 Server will increase efficiencies of your IT staff, end users and systems.

Easy to deploy, configure and use

Centralized management for lower TCO

Leverage existing IT investments

Best for New Devices

Windows 2000 Server works with the newest peripherals such as USB printers, network adapters, keyboards and mice. It delivers advanced printer driver support, as well as support for 1394, PCMCIA, infrared and digital devices. Windows 2000 Server works with networking devices that support the latest networking technologies, including DSL, routing, NAT, DHCP, Quality of Services switches and routers, Directory-Enabled Networking devices, IPSec, SSL, and Asynchronous Transfer Mode.

Support newest networking devices

Support newest peripherals