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IBM ThinkPad Dock Expansion base 263120U

IBM ThinkPad Dock Expansion base 263120U
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Product Description


Keep a docking station at home and at the office.

The IBM ThinkPad Dock provides users with convenience of easy cable management along with along with desktop expansion. The ThinkPad Dock supports one-step pass-through connection to RJ-11, RJ-45, serial, parallel, keyboard, mouse, FDD, monitor, two USB, DVI, line-in and line-out. The RJ-ll and RJ-45 pass-through feature allows network and telephone connection with new mini-PCI card architecture on the ThinkPad notebook. The ThinkPad Dock has an Ultrabay 2000 for additional device expansion. It supports Ultrabay 2000 devices, such as a CD-ROM, a second hard disk drive and adapter or DVD-ROM. Two additional PCMCIA card slots and one half-size PCI slot (for desktop cards) round out the versatile configuration options supported by the ThinkPad Dock.

Features & Benefits:

Pass-thru (replication) of all ports on the ThinkPad, including modem and ethernet connections

Pass-thru of many ports makes it quicker and easier to connect and disconnect the ThinkPad from various peripherals as well as network and telephone connections

Provides power pass-thru to the ThinkPad and all functions of the ThinkPad Dock without requiring a separate power supply. Convenience buttons on the ThinkPad Dock provide easy on/off system switch and a one-touch network disconnect button.

RJ11 and RJ45 pass-thru allows connection to a network and telephone line due to new Mini PCI card architecture available on the ThinkPad. This allows for the network card and/or modem on board the ThinkPad to function through the RJ11/RJ45 ports on the dock.

An addtional Ultrabay 2000 in the ThinkPad Dock supports most of the same Ultrabay options used in the ThinkPad

Provides parallel, serial, 2 USB, keyboard, mouse, DVI, line-in and line-out ports, as well as 2 PCMCIA card slots and a half size PCI slot

System & Other Requirements: ThinkPad A Series: 2628 ('m' models only), 2629 - NOTE: 'e' models (2655 & 2628) are not compatible with the ThinkPad Dock; ThinkPad X Series: 2662; ThinkPad T Series: 2647, 2648.

Compatibility : IBM ThinkPad A20m IBM ThinkPad A20p IBM ThinkPad A21m IBM ThinkPad A21p IBM ThinkPad A22m IBM ThinkPad A22p IBM ThinkPad A30 IBM ThinkPad A30p IBM ThinkPad A31 IBM ThinkPad A31p IBM ThinkPad T20 IBM ThinkPad T21 IBM ThinkPad T22 IBM ThinkPad T23 IBM ThinkPad T30 IBM ThinkPad X20 IBM ThinkPad X21 IBM ThinkPad X22 IBM ThinkPad X23 IBM ThinkPad X24 IBM ThinkPad X30 Lenovo ThinkPad A20m Lenovo ThinkPad A30 Lenovo ThinkPad A31 Lenovo ThinkPad A31p Lenovo ThinkPad T22 Lenovo ThinkPad T23 Lenovo ThinkPad T30 Lenovo ThinkPad X23 Lenovo ThinkPad X24 Lenovo ThinkPad X30

IBM Part Number : 263120U

UPC : 00000002274874, 00087944646785