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Apple Logic Studio 2 Upgrade from Logic Express MB799Z/A

Apple Logic Studio 2 Upgrade from Logic Express MB799Z/A
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Product Description

Logic Studio from Apple is a complete set of professional applications that allows the user to write, record, edit, mix and perform music. The production suite is loaded with exacting models and gorgeous samples of the best gear, from the classic to the rare, and even the obscure. Also included are the most advanced, easy-to-use tools for manipulating those sounds or creating custom ones.

The main component, Logic Pro 9 is a fully featured and comprehensive digital audio workstation that delivers all the tools need to record, edit and mix audio. Whether in a state-of-the-art studio or in a garage, the software puts the power of the most advanced tools to work for any project.

A problem that many artists encounter is that their recordings sound great, but when it comes time to perform, the music is compromised by the lack of availability of the same tools used in the earlier process. MainStage 2 makes it easy to bring all the same instruments and effects to the stage. Shows can even be expanded with live loops or prerecorded backing tracks.

With the Mac computer as the core of a live rig, setup is faster, teardown is faster, and everything in between is more reliable. The layout, from the number, type, size and color of the controls, to the parameters they manipulate, can be easily customized. And the performer can instantly assign onscreen controls to the faders, knobs and switches on their hardware for hands-on control.

Soundtrack Pro 3 is where "sound meets picture". Whether creating audio for a web video or a feature-length film, Soundtrack Pro 3 provides the perfect bridge to Final Cut Pro. The application is loaded with powerful tools that allow for precision edits, polishing dialogue quickly, restoring audio, creating stunning sound effects, and mixing in surround. And the single, streamlined interface is designed to help the user to fly through audio post production.

The utility applications in Logic Studio allow for many other tasks to be accomplished with ease. These include re-creating the acoustic profile of any space imaginable, turning audio files into Apple Loops, authoring everything from a quick demo disc to DDP files, and creating professional premasters and Red Book-standard CDs. Finally, pristine audio and video can be encoded in a full range of industry-standard formats.

Specifications Minimum Requirements

  • Mac computer with an Intel processor
  • Mac OS X 10.5.7 or later
  • 1GB RAM (2GB or more highly recommended)
  • Display with 1280 x 800 or higher resolution
  • QuickTime 7.6 or later
  • DVD drive for installation
  • PCI Express, ExpressCard/34, USB, or FireWire-based audio interface recommended
Additional Info
  • Additional recommendations for Logic Pro 9:
  • At least 2GB of RAM for large EXS instruments
  • USB musical keyboard (or suitable MIDI keyboard and interface) for instruments
  • Logic Node requires a Mac computer with an Intel Core processor
  • Available disk space:
  • 9GB to install all applications and required content
  • Additional 38GB to install all optional content (large content packages can be installed on separate disk):
  • 10GB for Jam Pack collections
  • 16GB for sound effects
  • 6GB for surround music beds
  • 6GB for other optional content

Apple Part Number : MB799Z/A

UPC : 00048447804034, 00885909267033