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Toshiba TDP-S3 Projector

Toshiba TDP-S3 Projector
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Product Description

800 x 600 SVGA projector

The TDP-S3 is the TDP-T3s small brother. It too has 2000 ANSI lumen with which to project your data. The TDP-S3 simply has SVGA resolution instead. Its compact shape and very low weight make it perfect for mobile use. It can easily be connected to a notebook / PC or a DVD-, respectively, video player. Not only was this projector designed with the technology to display spreadsheets, documents and presentations, it was also designed to be future oriented for the next generation of conference room environment. The TDP-S3 has the latest in full motion processing for DVD, HDTV and any other type of motion being presented. Turn your presentations into a performance with the conference room theater!For the first time ever on a Toshiba Digital Projector, you have complete control of color management. There are automatic settings programmed for the most common types of video signals to achieve standard color levels. You can select a GAMMA table that has been specifically tuned for either a computer, video or film input. With advanced color management, you can also bypass the automatic GAMMA table settings and control the individual red, green and blue color gain. Now you can manipulate the colors of your projector to match the colors on your individual computer screen. You can switch between the manual selected settings and the automatic settings at will without losing your individual programmed settings. This projector is truly a great value for any user.

Advantages of the Toshiba TDP-S3:

DVI-Digital Connectivity - Since these projectors will work with both analog and digital interfaces, they will adapt to the next generation notebooks that feature the DVI connection for true digital signal without compression.

Motion Adaptive Deinterlacing - Per-pixel motion adaptive techniques provide the highest resolution picture while suppressing motion artifacts.

DCDi Technology by Faroudja - Directional Correlational De-Interlacing is the per-pixel selection of edge direction that produces a smooth and natural picture without staircasing or jaggies.

Motion Adaptive Cross Color Suppression - 3D processing removes objectionable NTSC cross color artifacts created by the Y/C separation process.

Carl Zeiss Lens - Carl Zeiss is recognized worldwide as a leader for quality optics. Partnering with the best in each field of expertise, Toshiba Technology provides video enhanced with Faroudja DCDi projected through a Carl Zeiss lens.


2000 ANSI Lumens can be switched to 1600 ANSI lumens in power conservation mode!

800 x 600 Native SVGA resolution, VGA, Mac and 1080i / 720p HDTV compatible

Light Weight at only 5.7 pounds

HDTV compatible at 1080i and 720p

16.7 million colors

Screen size 36" - 260" diagonally with optional short and long throw lenses designed for the unit to increase/decrease the size to best fit almost any environment.

The TDP-S3 Conference Room Theater Projector comes with a complete set of cables so you can connect immediately. It also comes with a carrying case and a full featured remote control.