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Cisco Catalyst 3550-12T Multi-layer Gigabit Ethernet Switch WS-C3550-12T

Cisco Catalyst 3550-12T Multi-layer Gigabit Ethernet Switch WS-C3550-12T
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10-port 10/100/1000 managed rackmountable stackable switch with 2 1000BASE-X ports

The Catalyst 3550-12T 12-port, Multilayer Gigabit Ethernet switch allows network managers to increase control of their local-area networks (LANs)

This 1000BASE-T solution enables midmarket customers to significantly improve their network availability, scalability, and security by deploying Cisco IOS Intelligent Network Services in either the network backbone or top-of-the-stack wiring closet aggregation using Category 5 copper cabling. The Catalyst 3550-12T combines a robust feature set with the simplicity of traditional LAN switching, including multi-layer services like IP routing, advanced quality of service (QoS), IP security as well as the easy-to-use Web-based Cisco Cluster Management Suite.

With a switching fabric of 24Gbps, and a maximum forwarding rate of 12Gbps, the Catalyst 3550-12T switch delivers dynamic IP routing at a 17Mpps forwarding rate on all ports. The distributed Cisco Express Forwarding (CEF)-based routing architecture allows for increased scalability and performance. This architecture allows for very high-speed lookups while also ensuring the stability and scalability necessary to meet the needs of future requirements. In addition to a 17Mpps forwarding rate, the Catalyst 3550-12T is perfectly equipped for networks requiring multicast support. Multicast routing protocols (PIM) and Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) snooping in hardware make the Catalyst 3550-12T an ideal switch in an intensive multicast environment.

The Catalyst 3550-12T offers superior Layer 3 granular quality of service (QoS) features to ensure that network traffic is classified, prioritized, and congestion is avoided in the best possible manner. The Catalyst 3550-12T can classify, reclassify, police, and mark the incoming packets before the packet is placed in the shared buffer. Packet classification allows the network elements to discriminate between various traffic flows and enforce policies based on Layer 2 and Layer 3 QoS fields. First, the Catalyst 3550-12T identifies "aggregates," or packet groups, and classifies or reclassifies these groups using the Differentiated Services Code Point field (DSCP) and/or the 802.1p Class of Service (CoS) field. Classification and reclassification can be based on criteria as specific as the source/destination IP address, source/destination Media Access Control (MAC) address or the Layer 4 TCP/UDP ports. At the ingress, the Catalyst 3550-12T will also perform policing and marking of the packet. Control plane and data plane Access Control Lists (ACLs) are supported on all ports to ensure proper policing and marking on a per packet basis.

After the packet goes through classification, policing, and marking, it is then assigned to the appropriate queue before exiting the switch. The Catalyst 3550-12T supports four egress queues per port, which allows the network administrator to be more discriminating and specific in assigning priorities for the various applications on the LAN. At egress, the switch performs scheduling and congestion control. Scheduling is an algorithm/ process that determines the order in which the queues are processed.These features allow network administrators to prioritize mission-critical and/or bandwidth-intensive traffic, such as ERP (Oracle, SAP, etc.), voice (IP telephony traffic) and CAD/CAM over less time-sensitive applications such as FTP or email (SMTP).

The Catalyst 3550-12T can offer enhanced data security through the use of ACLs. By denying packets based on source and destination MAC addresses, IP addresses, or TCP/UDP ports, users can be restricted from sensitive portions of the network. Also, due to the fact that all ACL lookups are done in hardware, forwarding and routing performance is not compromised when implementing ACL-based security in the network.

The Cisco Cluster Management Suite (CMS) is Web-based software that is embedded in Catalyst 3550-12T switch.