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Compaq 18.2GB 15K Hard Drive 188122-B22

Compaq 18.2GB 15K Hard Drive 188122-B22
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Product Description

18.2GB, 15,000 rpm, Ultra3 SCSI (Ultra 160/m) 3.5" 1" internal hot-pluggable hard drive for select Compq servers

Compaq 15K disk drives provide an unparalleled level of performance improvement

With more open system storage capacity shipping this year than in all past years combined, a new standard for server performance is required to rapidly access all this data. Compaq meets this need with the new 15,000 rpm (15K) hard disk drive, providing the highest performance device in the Enterprise Storage market.

The Compaq 15K hard disk drive accesses data 26% faster than current 10K drives, resulting in improved productivity and profitability. In addition to the increased access times, the 15K drives deliver a 33% improvement in Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPS) over 10K drives, and 66% over 7200 rpm drives, and a server with multiple drives handling large numbers of transactions benefit from this increased IOPS performance.

Compaq 15K drives will feature the Ultra3 interface and 1" high form factor, available in 18.2GB capacities. Because Ultra3 and Ultra2 both operate on the Low Voltage Differential (LVD) electrical platform, the two protocols are completely data compatible, allowing the two to be mixed and matched with one another - just like the current 10K drives. "Mix and match" means all LVD controllers and drives will play together, continuing one of the industry's strongest investment protection stories ever told.

Access Time: 3.8ms

Capacity - Drive: 18.2GB

Compression: (Native/Uncompressed)

Capacity - Total: 18GB

Data Storage Device Type: SAS (Server Attached Storage) device

Hard Drive Device Type: Internal hard drive

Data Transfer Rate: 160MB

Data Transfer Rate (Compression): (Native/Uncompressed)

Form Factor (Drive): 3.5-inch low profile

Form Factor Additional Info: 1.0"

Interface: Ultra3 SCSI (Ultra 160/m)

OS Support: Windows® 95, Windows® 98, Windows® NT 4.0

Rotational Speed: 15000 rpm

Warranty Terms: Three year limited