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Compaq 18.2GB Enterprise 10K HD 336358-B21

Compaq 18.2GB Enterprise 10K HD 336358-B21
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This is a 18.2 GB Wide Ultra SCSI-3 hot-pluggable hard drive that is designed for use with most of Compaq's ProLiant server and ProLiant Storage System lines. With its enormous 18.2 GB capacity, this drive enables you to store over 254 GB with just one SMART-2DH controller. This drive features an industry-high 10,000 rpm spindle speed which reduces seek and latency times and provides up to a 40% increase in drive performance beyond 7200 rpm drives. It uses a compact 3-inch platter design which reduces seek times, lowers power requirements, and enhances performance. These lower power requirements have significantly reduced the operating temperature of the second generation 10,000 rpm drives, which in turn results in increased reliability. All together these features create a drive that is ideal for transaction-intensive and performance-critical applications. This drive is hot-pluggable which allows you to install or remove it online. Compaq's holds its hot-pluggable hard drives to rigorous standards for both reliability and performance. These drives are intended for use in the most demanding, data-critical enterprise environments and are ideal for use in RAID applications. They are pre-mounted in the appropriate hot-plug tray for immediate installation into your Compaq server or storage system with no additional configuration required.This product is provided with a one-year warranty.

10000 Rpm Rotational Speed

5.7 ms Access Time

SCSI-3 Ultra Wide (16-bit) Interface