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IBM PIII 1.4GHZ Processor Upgrade F/XSERIES 330 48P7466

IBM PIII 1.4GHZ Processor Upgrade F/XSERIES 330 48P7466
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This Pentium III processor option is designed to support the requirements of today's enterprise server platforms. It features processing speeds of 1.4GHz, with 512KB advanced transfer cache to optimize data transfer to the processor core. IBM eServer xSeries servers with the Pentium III processor on board offer industry-leading performance and scalability, previously limited to costly, proprietary RISC-based solutions. This processor option provides multiprocessing capability, a larger cache and strong reliability, delivering consistent uptime essential for today's e-business applications. 512KB of advanced transfer cache will reduce the latency interface to cache data transfers, thereby increasing performance of memory sensitive applications. Fast 133MHz front-side system bus enables 2-way symmetric multiprocessing providing a significant performance boost for multi-threaded applications. This processor option also features support for up to 4GB of main memory for best application performance. In addition, its 2-way processor capacity provides plenty of performance headroom for growth or ability to add a second processor when needed.

Bus Width: 64-Bit System Bus w/ECC

Bus Width: 64-Bit Cache Bus w/Optional ECC

Bus Width: 64-Bit to L2 Cache

Level 1 Cache: 16K Instruction + 16K Data

Level 2 Cache: 512 KB

Socket Type Supported: Slot 1

Form Factor: Single Edge Contact Cartridge (SEC)

Compatibility: IBM XSERIES 330

Number of Transistors: 7.5 Million

Addressable Memory: 64 GB

Virtual Memory: 64 Terabytes

CPU Voltage: 2.8V

Power: 14.2A

Power: 43 Watts

Math-Coprocessor: Included

MMX Compatible: Yes

Superscalar: Yes

Misc Features: Dynamic Execution

Misc Features: Dual Independent Bus Architecture (DIB)

System/Front Side Bus Speed: 133 MHz

Manufacturer: IBM

Type Device: Processor Upgrade

Quantity: Single

Processor Class: Intel Pentium III

Clock Speed: 1.4 GHz