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IBM ThinkPad Enhanced 8x/4x/24x CD-RW Ultrabay 2000 Drive 22P9101

IBM ThinkPad Enhanced 8x/4x/24x CD-RW Ultrabay 2000 Drive 22P9101
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8X Write, 4X ReWrite, 24X Read internal, removable, EIDE CD-RW drive for ThinkPads with a Ultrabay 2000, ThinkPad Dock, IBM Portable Drive Bay 2000 or UltraBase X2 media slice

Ideal for creating custom music or multimedia CDs, backing up your data or sharing files with friends

Take advantage of this super-fast advance in removable and portable storage. With approximately 650MB of recordable capacity, this CD-RW drive lets you record huge files.

The triple function drive can operate as a regular CD-ROM or function in write (CD-R) and rewrite (CD-RW) modes. The write and rewrite modes make the drive perfect for backing up files—especially larger ones with extensive graphics or audio and video—or for sharing information with others.

To minimize CD recording errors this drives supports buffer underrun technology. And, with the new simplified recording software included with your drive, you'll find making CDs quicker and easier than you might have expected.

This CD-RW drive is designed to fit in the Ultrabay 2000 modular bay of ThinkPad notebooks, the ThinkPad Dock, IBM Portable Drive Bay 2000 and UltraBase X2 media slice.

Features and Benefits:

Large storage capacity—up to 650MB using most standard CD-R or CD-RW media allows you to store multimedia, graphics, pictures and data on a single disc

Backwards capability to many popular disc formats including: CD-ROM (read only), CD-R (write once) and CD-RW (write many).

Improved productivity—speedy 4X (when writing to CD-RW media)/8X (when writing on CD-R media)/24X data transfer rate when reading CD-ROM, CD-R and CD-RW media.