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Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Professional 2002 659-00844

Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Professional 2002 659-00844
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Product Description

For Windows NT, 2000 and XP

Rapidly build next generation Internet applications that target any Internet device and integrate with any platform

Visual Studio .NET enables developers to build the next generation of Internet applications today. Providing the most modern and feature-rich development environment, Visual Studio .NET provides developers with the tools for integrating solutions across operating systems and languages. With Visual Studio .NET, developers can easily convert existing business logic into reusable XML Web Services, encapsulating processes and making them available to applications on any platform. Developers can easily incorporate any number of Web Services that are cataloged and available in many independent UDDI directories, providing a strong foundation of services and business logic for their applications.

Using XML, an industry standard technology for describing data, Visual Studio .NET developers can build high-performance data-driven applications. Developers can use built-in ADO.NET tools that target a variety of databases, including SQL Server, Oracle, or any other XML source. With intrinsic support for XML, ADO.NET enables developers to share data across disparate computing platforms. Additionally, Visual Studio .NET includes the Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE), a 100% SQL Server-compatible database that provides programmers with a viable development database and natively supports XML for maximum interoperability.

Visual Studio .NET allows programmers to create and deploy critical server-based business logic. Historically, server-based programming has been tedious to code, prone to error, and difficult to test. With Visual Studio .NET, developers can visually compose middle-tier components using the Visual Component Designer (VCD). The VCD enables developers to drag and drop non-visual objects such as message queues, timers, and event logs, to a design surface, automatically discovering all necessary server-based resources and configuring required components.

System Requirements

Minimum processor: Pentium® II 450MHz processor

Operating system: Windows® NT Workstation V4.0, Windows® 2000 Professional, Windows® 2000 Server, Windows® XP Professional

Minimum Memory Requirements: 96MB for Windows 2000 Professional, 160MB for Windows XP Professional, 64MB for Windows NT Workstation V4.0, 192MB for Windows 2000 Server

Minimum Disk Space Requirements: 2500MB including 500MB on the system drive

Microsoft Part Number : 659-00844

UPC : 659556875992