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Village Tronic VTBook 32MB Graphics Adapter

Village Tronic VTBook 32MB Graphics Adapter
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Product Description

Connects additional High End Displays. All VGA, DVI and ADC Displays are supported

VTBook comes with 70 pre-defined video modes and always offers the best solution for any video devices you may connect, in your company as well as in other places you may happen to visit. On top of this, VTBook is ready to support not standard video modes, ranging from video panels, to special LCD panels and projectors. Wherever you go, whatever Display you connect, you always have a successful connection.

Turn your Notebook into a Desktop station:

With VTBook you are free to keep your Notebook portable but still enjoy the convenience of a Desktop workstation with keyboard and mouse and high resolution, large Display with ergonomic refresh rate

Use 3 Displays with your Notebook:

Some applications simply need Display space: watching stock market, CAD/CAM, Video or Audio editing. VTBook is the only solution for using 3 Displays on a Notebook.

Enjoy Portrait:

Portrait Displays are perfect for working on Documents, but most Notebooks do not support them. VTBook not only supports portrait Displays, but also offers hardware acceleration for rotation! Only available for Windows.

DVI up to 23":

Only few Notebooks support DVI and even if they do, chances are that they cannot support it at it's highest resolutions. VTBook offers the highest possible resolutions on DVI, up to 1920x1200 in 32 bit colors

Enhance Notebook Graphics:

VTBook is the perfect choice to enhance the graphics power of modern and less modern Notebooks. Better graphics engine means more working space to improve your productivity while working at your desk with an external Display. What is a common practice on desktop it is finally possible on Notebooks too: Plug a new card and enjoy a big Display on your portable computer, without the need to change your Notebook

Make your External the Primary Display:

When you are using your Notebook as a Desktop replacement, you want to put your keyboard in front of the large Display and work on the large external Display. To work fluently in this set up, you want to have the external Display to be the primary Display. VTBook allows you just that.

Connect Cool Apple Displays:

Apple ADC TFT Displays don't just look cool. They have great technical features at a very interesting price. VTBook is probably the only way to connect them to your Notebook