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Netgear 12-Port 10-Gigabit Smart Managed Pro Switch Series XS712T

Netgear 12-Port 10-Gigabit Smart Managed Pro Switch Series XS712T
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Product Description

The Netgear 10G Smart Managed Switches provide comprehensive L2+/Layer 3 Lite features in order to meet current and future needs on virtualization, converged networking and mobility. Some of the main features include:

Smart Managed Pro switch with 12 ports 10-Gigabit Ethernet

12 x 10-Gigabit Copper with 2 x shared (combo) 10-Gigabit SFP+ ports for servers and storage

Non-blocking 240Gbps fabric for all the connectivity you want without congestion and in full duplex mode

Easy-to-use Web browser-based management GUI (no need for an IT expert or a complicated user manual)

Advanced Smart features include Layer 3 static routing, LACP bonding, ACLs, STP and SNMP

Performance :

  • Packet buffer memory: 2 MB (XS708T/XS712T/XS716T) 3 MB (XS728T/XS748T)
  • Bandwidth: 160 Gbps (XS708T) 240 Gbps (XS712T) 320 Gbps (XS716T) 560 Gbps (XS728T) 960 Gbps (XS748T)
  • Priority queues: 8
  • Priority queuing: Weighted Round Robin (WRR) and Strict Priority
  • MAC Address database size: 16K
  • Multicast groups: 512
  • Number of IPv4 static routes: 32 (XS708T/XS712T/XS716T) 64 (XS728T/XS748T)
  • Number of IPv6 static routes: 32 (XS708T/XS712T/XS716T) 64 (XS728T/XS748T)
  • Number of routed VLANs: 15 (XS708T/XS712T/XS716T) 32 (XS728T/XS748T)
  • Number of ARP cache entries: 738 (XS708T/XS712T/XS716T) 1024 (XS728T/XS748T)
  • Number of DHCP snooping bindings: 8K (XS708T/XS712T/XS716T) 1K (XS728T/XS748T)
  • Access Control Lists (ACLs): 100 (XS708T/XS712T/XS716T) 164 (XS728T/XS748T) shared for MAC, IP and IPv6 ACLs
  • Jumbo frame support: Up to 9K (XS708T/XS712T/XS716T) 10K (XS728T/XS748T) packet size